Monoploy Star War (The Original Trilogy Edition)

The Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition of Monopoly combines the classic game play of the world's most popular board game with your favorite characters, vehicles, locations and movie scenes from all three Star Wars movies.
  • The Original Trilogy Collection Monopoly,
  • For 2 to 8 players,
  • Ages 8 to adult,
  • Includes :
  • ---Galactic game board with properties and scenes from the trilogy,
  • ---8 new pewter tokens of Star Wars characters,
  • ---Rebel and Imperial Cards that might reward you, penalize you or send you to Tatooine!
  • ---Miniature X-wing fighters, Corellian freighters, TIE fighters and Star Destroyers to claim your "cities" and "spaceports".
  • ------8 new pewter tokens : Darth Vader, R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, Grand Moff Tarkin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tusken Raider, TIE Fighter Pilot, and Lando Calrrissian .
  • Play money and Banker's Tray,
  • 2 Dice.