Playmates Amazing Amanda Doll 98161

  • Advanced voice recognition, sensory response and animatronics technologies enable lifelike interaction
  • Amazing Amanda learns to recognize her "mommy's" voice
  • She also recognizes objects such as her outfits, toothbrush, sippy cup, various foods and her potty
  • She expresses real emotions, such as smiling when happy or pouting when told 'no'
  • She engages in two-way communication with realistic facial expressions and toddler-speak
  • She can go "potty" and can even be used to promote potty training
  • She keeps track of date and time, and offers reminders of upcoming holidays
  • She has an internal clock which can be used as a lovable alarm clock, and may help establish a normal sleeping and waking schedule for your child
  • Comes with accessories, pretend food, outfits and more
  • She stands 18 inches tall
  • Requires four "C" batteries (not included)
  • Amazing Amanda is recommended for children ages 4 and up