MEGA BLOKS PYRATES 95523 Captain Cutlass Stormstalker 95523

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  • Description
  • Ages: 6+
  • 158 pcs
  • With the Mega Bloks Pyrates - Captain Cutlass' Stormstalker (95523) you can join Captain Cutlass as he leads his Sea Marauders crew into battle!
  • A crew of 4 micro action figures
  • This fierce and fast lugger hunting ship scours the high seas for rogue Skeleton Crew and greedy Privateer Pyrates.
  • Outfitted with a capture cage, this juggernaut also features a mysterious transformation cage that changes skeleton figures to human and back. Along with with adjustable real cloth sails, pivoting capture crane, cloth canopy, plank, detachable anchor, two front-mounted harpoon lances.
  • Two launching cannons that really fire! 
  • Contains two secret storage areas for treasure and a crow's nest to hide treasure and watch out for rival Pyrates!
  • Compatible with all other Pyrates sets, connect them to expand your adventure!