MEGA BLOKS Dragons Siege Chariot 96000

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  • Description
  • Ages 6+
  • 195 Pcs
  • Includes tri-launching ballista, catapult capture net and storage for an entire army. For instance, it can be reconfigured into a torture device in which no enemy would wish to be trapped
  • The Siege Chariot comes with the spider dragon Drachnid and the beast Rhinehorn, both of whom are fully poseable and at your complete service in the hunt for ultimate power
  • Two silver-clad Argentix named Rivstryker and Kiersond, as well as a gold-clad Aurios named Volksyre come with the Siege Chariot
  • the Siege Chariot includes the Klarstone Plasma Krystal, which when mastered, inflicts maximum paralysis on enemies