MEGA BLOKS Probuilder USS Kittyhawk 9780

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  • Description
  • Ages: 7+
  • 1700 pcs
  • The USS Kittyhawk set is one of the largest Megabloks sets released totaling 1700 pieces, and the box is absolutely jam packed.
  • There were two new special pieces introduced in this set. The first is the piece used for the deck plates which is like an 8x12x1/2 tile. Each has a 1x2 studded region on each corner, and regular 1x2 tiles fit flush on those studs. This allows a pair of 2x2 tiles to join a set of 4 deck plates. The second special piece is the small F-14 jet, 8 of which are included.
  • The main body of the ship is built in 3 pieces, which are then joined together as units. The 3 pieces are built and joined upside down which makes sense as the deck of an aircraft carrier is its largest width and length, and the deck provides a nice solid base to build on.