MEGA BLOKS HALO UNSC Spartan-II (Blue) 29673

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  • Description
  • Ages 8+
  • 26 Pcs
  • Activated by the UNSC to combat the growing rebel threat on the outer colonies, the Spartan-II program created the most powerful soldiers in human history. Efficient. Fearless. Invincible…until The Covenant arrived. Now the Spartans are challenged like never before against an advanced enemy force from beyond the stars. It’s now up to you to defend the UNSC colonies against the Covenant threat and defend humanity’s place in the galaxy! The UNSC Yellow Spartan-II is a 24-piece figurine of masterful flexibility and display! With the use of magnetic parts, you can build, mix and match to create Spartan soldiers customized for any combat situation. The Yellow Spartan-II comes with pieces to create a full set of yellow MJOLNIR Mark V armor and an assault rifle. Ideal for children ages 8 and up.